Welcome to the VISTA Learning Management System (LMS)

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This website is designed to do three things very efficiently:

  • Set up and host training programs and curricula
  • Set up and administer trainees, and sign them up for training programs
  • Track the progress of trainees – which programs they have completed and their scores for each of them

As you view the Silver Series training programs we’ve given you access to, your experience will be very similar to what a trainee would see, with a few exceptions:

  • You do not need to view and accept the End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • You may view the lessons of each course in any order. Trainees can only view each lesson in sequence
  • Your LMS can contain your company's logo and a customized welcome message


Let's get started! Login using the user name and password you requested. Then you'll have access to the Silver Series training programs to which we've provided you access.

Questions or feedback? Please contact us at info@vista-training.com.